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November 2016

DIY Home

How to for the First Time Wine Cork a Mailbox Roof

November 29, 2016
How to Cork a Mailbox or Anything Else

My mailbox is a little house which I painted long ago to match the colors of my real house.  It has a wood shingled roof which has failed when the wood started falling off slowly.  I decided to wine cork the roof with the many wine corks which I have for crafting projects.

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DIY Sewing

How to Make a Simple Beautiful Car Seat Organizer

November 15, 2016
Car Seat Organizer with the John Deere theme

My grandson, Michael loves John Deere.  In my mind, there is nothing better than a John Deere Car seat organizer.  I made the car seat cover to protect the back of the car seat from Michael’s shoes, while keeping Michael’s toys and books organized in the car.

I have not yet developed superior sewing skills but I enjoy the simple projects.  I am trying to motivate myself to practice sewing, so my skills improve.  Do you understand this feeling?  Maybe you don’t have enough time for large scale sewing because you are just too busy.  I know the feeling.

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DIY Garden

How to Get an Awesome Wet Look Rock Garden

November 5, 2016
How to get an Awesome Wet Rock Look Garden

I love a rock garden with wet look rocks. The glossy look is so pretty and much more inviting than dusty old rocks.  I placed the rocks under the bow windows about five years ago.  The rocks were buried by dirt over the years.  I wanted non-plant material under the bow windows so we wouldn’t have to have grass there that needed watering.  The problem was that the sprinklers would get the bow windows wet and they were becoming damaged by the water.  So, my solution was to remove the grass with the dirty rocks and install a rock garden, so we would not need sprinklers there.

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DIY Garden Home

How to Make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door on Wheels

November 4, 2016
How to make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door

Hello everyone.  I hope your day is going fine, wherever you are.  I have looked for a movable door for my patio door openings for a while and decided I just need to make one myself… so here it is for you!  Please ask if you have any questions on the project.

I’m creating a mosaic door from a single french door using dollar store glass beads and Gallery Glass, which creates a faux stained glass effect.  This is an outside door which I will roll around for use between one of two door opening on my patio.  Two walls of the house make up two sides of the patio.  Barn doors make up the third side of the patio and the fourth side is a large glass garage door.

Furthermore, I will post on the large barn doors soon for you.

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DIY Home

How To Make A Beautiful Faux Stained Glass French Door

November 4, 2016
How To Make A Beautiful Faux Stained Glass French Door

Kristen’s plain glass french door is in need of a transformation since she desires a beautiful faux stained glass french door. This project is frugal, while being fun. The door, located between the family room and office, does not allow much privacy for work.

Gallery Glass gives the look of stained glass, but it can be peeled off the door at anytime.   Gallery Glass has provided me a beautiful faux stained glass on my two patio doors which I have completed. Continue Reading

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