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May 2017

DIY Garden

Easy DIY Dragonfly Yard Art

May 23, 2017
Easy DIY Dragonfly Yard Art

I love everything dragonfly so I wanted to make a cool unique one so without further ado here is my DIY dragonfly yard art.  I hate wasting anything which I guess comes from growing up poor so it is fun to repurpose things.  My DIY yard art started life as a ceiling fan.

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DIY Home

Door Repair after Severe Sun Damage

May 7, 2017
Repairing Sun Damage on an Outside Door

My stained front door was sun damaged on the lower half so badly that it had small cracks in two locations. We have an exterior storm and screen door but it doesn’t protect the door from the sun.  I did not want to sand the entire door, stain it again, and varnish it.

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