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Save while Slashing Water and Energy Costs

June 5, 2017
10 Ways to Save on your Utility Costs
  1. New Water Heater or Updating the Old Water Heater

    Lower the temperature and buy a water heater blanket for your old tank water heater which results in gas or electric savings.  Invest in a tankless water heater when its time to replace your water heater.  We purchased a Rinnai outdoor tankless water heater R75LSe natural gas back in 2011.  At the time, it was about $700 plus the install cost. It has reduced our natural gas cost considerably.  It takes a minute or two for the heated water to get from the outside of the pantry to the master shower but it saves energy and gave us an extra closet area where the old tank water heater spent its time.  This is a double win for me because I like to save money and more closet space is always excellent.

    Tankless Water Heater

    Slash energy Costs with the Rinnai outdoor tankless water heater R75LSe made for natural gas.

  2. Save on the Electric Bill with New Light Bulbs

    Replace incandescent light bulbs with light emitting diodes (LED’s) for greater efficiency and better light quality.  The type of light from the various LED’s bulbs varies so read the labels for the light you prefer in the various areas of your home.

  3. Weather-stripping, Insulation, and chalking can save a lot of Energy

    Weather strip and chalk around windows and doors to stop air leaks.  Insulate walls and ceilings to keep heating costs down.  Many times rebates are available from the utility companies and/or state or federal governments.

  4. Windows can keep the Heat or Cold in Saving Many Dollars

    Replace single pane windows with double pane windows or those which include a gas between the panes.  New double pane windows will result in lower heating and air conditioning costs.

  5. Surge Protector Power Strips Ensure Energy Savings

    Using surge protector power strips so you can make sure your electronic equipment is off and not drawing power from a device or devices.

  6. Money can be Saved when Doing the Laundry

    Only do laundry when there is a full load to avoid extra energy, water, and detergent costs.  Use cold or warm water for the wash and rinse cycle instead of hot.  The clothes will still get clean.  Sheets hung outside on a clothes line really have a fresh smell if you feel energetic and have a clothes line.

  7. Don’t Send Money down the Drain

    Only do dishes when there is a full load to avoid extra energy, water, and detergent costs.   Do your dishes by hand if you only have a few and need them immediately.  Keep your dry cycle off on the dishwasher to avoid added energy waste.

  8. Save Water with Showers and Teeth Brushing

    Most people have replaced the standard flow shower heads with low-flow shower heads to cut water use.   Taking quicker showers can cut energy and waters costs too. In addition, turn off the water when brushing your teeth.

  9. Old Refrigerators Waste Energy

    Reduce the temperature of the refrigerator if it is now too low.  Buy the most energy-efficient refrigerator possibly when you replace your refrigerator since this appliance is one you must use.  Sometimes buying a new refrigerator can save enough energy to pay for the new refrigerator in just a couple of years.  I found that replacing the refrigerator with a new energy-efficient model and changing all the lights bulbs in the house to LED’s reduces our electric costs by a whopping 50% per month.

  10. SetBack Thermostats Save

    Keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter or 75-80 degrees in the summer can save a significant amount of money.  The best way of controlling the home temperature is a setback thermostat which allows setting the temperature for a 24 hour period.  Body temperature can be adjusted by adding or removing clothing and using various type of fans.  I don’t have any air conditioning where I live now so I open windows and use fans.  Normally, it does not get extremely hot or stay hot for very long here.  The area is blessed by the marine layer which I have to say I really love.  Just an hour north and the summer heat is above 100 degrees most of the summer.

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