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How to Get an Awesome Wet Look Rock Garden

November 5, 2016
How to get an Awesome Wet Rock Look Garden

I love a rock garden with wet look rocks. The glossy look is so pretty and much more inviting than dusty old rocks.  I placed the rocks under the bow windows about five years ago.  The rocks were buried by dirt over the years.  I wanted non-plant material under the bow windows so we wouldn’t have to have grass there that needed watering.  The problem was that the sprinklers would get the bow windows wet and they were becoming damaged by the water.  So, my solution was to remove the grass with the dirty rocks and install a rock garden, so we would not need sprinklers there.

Directions for an Awesome Wet Look Rock Garden

Materials Needed for Wet Look Rock Garden

  1. Rocks – any size but larger (such as 2 inch diameter) work best visually
  2. Rust-oleum Clear Gloss or Wet Look Stone Sealer
  3. 2×4 board or bender board for the edging of the flower bed
    I removed the dirty, yucky rocks and washed them in clear water.  After the rocks dry, place a wood barrier for your garden.   In my bed, I used a 2X4 board because it provided a larger break from the grass than bender board  would have (to prevent grass from protruding into the rock bed.)
Rebar Sculpture

Rebar sculpture

I planted a white and red climbing ivy geranium in order to make use of the special rebar sculpture my neighbor had made for me.  The geranium will hopefully climb on the sculpture when it grows a little.  A purple climbing ivy geranium was destroyed when the pest company tented the house for termites.  I hate to lose beautiful plants but it couldn’t be helped.

Wet Look Rock Close Up

Wet look rock close-up

Shown is the clear Rust-oleum that I used to give the rocks that wet look.  I really like the wet look on the rocks and it was so easy to simply spray them with the clear spray paint.   I would recommend wet look stone sealer or spray paint for the wet look, however I like the convenience of the spray paint.

Rust-oleum Gloss Clear Spray Paint

Rust-oleum Gloss Clear spray paint

Do you like the look of wet rocks?  I love it!!  Please leave us a comment.  Thanks.


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