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How to Make a Simple Beautiful Car Seat Organizer

November 15, 2016
Car Seat Organizer with the John Deere theme

My grandson, Michael loves John Deere.  In my mind, there is nothing better than a John Deere Car seat organizer.  I made the car seat cover to protect the back of the car seat from Michael’s shoes, while keeping Michael’s toys and books organized in the car.

I have not yet developed superior sewing skills but I enjoy the simple projects.  I am trying to motivate myself to practice sewing, so my skills improve.  Do you understand this feeling?  Maybe you don’t have enough time for large scale sewing because you are just too busy.  I know the feeling.

Directions for How to Make a Simple Beautiful Car Seat Organizer

Materials Needed:

  1. John Deere material, width of the car seat and length desired + 14 inches x 2
  2. Material for lining, width of car seat and length desired + 14 inches
  3. Ribbon, about 20″ cut in half
  4. Thread to match

First, wash the lining as well as the John Deere material.  Iron the material and the lining.  Place the lining material between the John Deere material with the wrong sides out.

Sew the material together on 3 of the 4 sides with 5/8 inch seam.   Do not sew the top hem now.  Turn the John Deere material to the right side.  Pin under the 4th side, 5/8 of an inch placing the folded in half ribbons about 5 inches in from each side.

Sew the pinned-in top side, securing the two ribbons in place.  Fold the bottom side of the material up 7 inches and pin it.  Sew around the two sides of the material making a large pocket.  Sew up the middle of the big pocket, therefore making two large pockets for storage.  In conclusion, the car seat organizer makes for a happy son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter.

Car Seat Organizer with a John Deere theme

Car Seat Organizer with a John Deere theme

Do you enjoy sewing simple projects, such as this John Deere car organizer?  I love sewing for my kids and also my grandchildren.  Please leave us a message.


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