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Chain Link Gate to Hide an Area of the Yard

January 15, 2018

Here we are at the beginning of a new year and I want to hide an area of my yard using a recycled chain link gate.  We have a storage shed but I need a place to hide flower pots and ladders.   My goal is complete concealment of unattractive items in the yard and I think this a great step toward that end.

I haven’t been blogged for a  while because my car was totaled.  A woman on the freeway hit me at 60 miles per hour in the rear.  She didn’t hit her brakes at all.  A few bumps, bruises, and head bashes and I am finally on the way again with another car.

Oh, see that stump which is sprouting in the background.  Well, it is going to be dealt with soon too.  I have trimmed it back from sprouting several times now but it refuses to die as do a couple of other stumps in the back yard.  I do have one dead stump which provides a place to plant succulents.   This is for a later post though.

Shed Back Before Gate Install

Shed Back Before Gate Install


A new pole is first attached to the gate on the left side.  You must dig out the hole about 3 feet deep and put the pole into the center.  Next concrete was mixed using Quikrete Fence Post Concrete Mix, 50 lbs.   Per bag instructions place the full bag into the bottom of the hole and add water    Install a second pole on the right side too because the goal  is to have a good install independent of the shed.

After, the concrete has completely set then install the gate.  Luckily, I had saved the screw in brackets to install the gate on the left side of the post. Drill pilot holes and then hand screwed in the hardware.  The gate closure was not attached when I took the picture.  A gate closure latch was installed to prevent the gate from blowing in the wind.  I decided to leave the ugly red slats in the gate for now due to the fact that I want the stuff hidden for now.  I was thinking about installing multi-colored yarn in the gate at some point in the future to dress it up a little.

Gate Installed

Gate Installed

This was a fun project and it works very well for flower-pot storage and hiding the ladders.  Next year I think my small garden will go into the area to the left of the gate.

I hope your year is off to a good start even though we are in the middle of a deep freeze.   A great indoor project is beginners-guide-tile-back-splash-frugal-farm-gals  which you can do without freezing to death.

Cheers and have a happy new year!

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