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Do It Yourself Spidey Decoupage Step Stool

March 27, 2017
Do It Yourself Spidey Step Stool

I picked up this step stool at a garage sale and wanted to do a Spidey theme on it for my Grandson.  An old Spidey calendar had the perfect images to decoupage on the stool.  I am sure Michael will love it because he loves all super heroes.  The step stool is very boring and needs some added interest for Michael to pay any attention to it.

Materials Needed for Do It Yourself Spidey Step Stool

  • Project Chair
  • Sand Paper
  • Decoupage Paste
  • Polyurethane
  • Paper to Decoupage on project
  • Silver Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Small Paint Brush

Directions for the Do It Yourself Spidey Step Stool

First, the stool should be  sanded first if a sealer has been previously applied to it.  I lightly sanded the stool and you can see the dust residue on the sides of the stool.

Original Chair Lightly Sanded

Original Step Stool Lightly Sanded

Use a soft cloth to clean off the sanding dust.  Chose the design for the decoupage on your project.  I chose Spidey because Michael, my grandson loves super heroes.  I found my designs in a calendar which were the perfect shape so I could put the figures reaching around the sides of the chair.

Spidey Calendar

Spidey Calendar

I did my best to cut out well around the fingers for the best effect on the step stool.  I love the bright colors from the calendar but it was a cheap calendar so the paper is not very thick which isn’t ideal.  The thicker paper is better because it does not wrinkle when the decoupage paste is put on the back.

Spidey Decoupage Cutout

Spidey Decoupage Cutout

I position the decoupage cutouts and use the decoupage paste to glue them to the stool.  Fives figures will be attached on the stool including one on each of the sides and two behind the first step and one on the first step.

Chair From the Top With his Name

Chair From the Top With his Name

I paint Michael’s name on the top of the chair in silver.  The chair dries overnight before I outline the silver in black to make it more visible. Then I wait for the step to dry again.

Right Side of Chair

Right Side of the Step Stool


Left Side of chair

Left Side of Step Stool

In conclusion, I use a gloss polyurethane to seal the step stool and the decoupage.  The reason for using the polyurethane is for the durability of the stool.  Thankfully, Michael is an active 3 year old and he will knock it around when he plays.

Completed Spidey Child Chair

Completed Spidey Step Stool


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