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Door Repair after Severe Sun Damage

May 7, 2017
Repairing Sun Damage on an Outside Door

My stained front door was sun damaged on the lower half so badly that it had small cracks in two locations. We have an exterior storm and screen door but it doesn’t protect the door from the sun.  I did not want to sand the entire door, stain it again, and varnish it.

The door is pretty damaged but it took me hours and hours to stain it originally due to drying times.  So here I go with the process.

Directions for door repair after severe sun damage.

Materials Required:

  • Sander
  • Fine grain Sandpaper
  • Wood Filler (I wasn’t happy with Elmer’s that I used for this project)
  • Stain
  • Varnish or Poly Sealer
Front Door Prior to Repair

Front Door Prior to Repair

I clean clean and dry the door thoroughly before I start the repair.

I put the fine grain sandpaper on my Ryobi detail sander and sand the area of sun damage.  It takes a few minutes to get all the white damage off the door.  Then, I again clean and dry the door.

Ryobi Sander

Ryobi Sander

Next, I fill the cracks with wood filler overfilling to ensure I have a good fill.  After it dries, I sand the crack area completely.  The crack still completely so I clean and dry the area again.  Next, I fill the cracks a second time with the wood filler.  I’m concerned since the wood filler is so white but the bottle states the filler will readily accept stain or paint.  It would have been easier with paint but I want to keep the stain which I love on the door.

Filling the Cracks with Wood Filler

Filling the Cracks with Wood Filler


Wood Filler Used on the Door

Wood Filler Used on the Door


Door with Crack Repair Completed

Door with Crack Repair Completed. 

Houston, we have a problem!  The stain is not readily taking the stain on the door at all.  I end up staining the area several more times which takes hours to dry to get the crack area not to stand out like a sore thumb.  I really wished I had picked the colored wood filler instead which matches the door but I didn’t have any so frugal me doesn’t want to spend any more cash.  Sometimes, the frugal thing causes me a lot more effort but I finally get the cracks dark enough to match the remainder of the door.

Final Steps

Next, I apply the varnish and let it dry overnight.  The next day, I lightly sand the newly varnished part of the door.  Clean and dry the door once again and apply another coat of varnish.

I decided to put some dark window vinyl on the bottom of the storm door to protect the door as much as possible. Please see the link below if want to apply some window vinyl.


Finished Door

Finished Door which is a little darker on the bottom for now.

I do the last step several more times to ensure the door is sealed completely.  The finished door is a little darker on the the repaired area but I don’t think anyone will notice and besides if it fades a little then it won’t require an immediate repair again.

I love this repair and I love not having to remove the door.  I recommend a repair verses a complete redo when you can get a good end product.


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