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Easy DIY Dragonfly Yard Art

May 23, 2017
Easy DIY Dragonfly Yard Art

I love everything dragonfly so I wanted to make a cool unique one so without further ado here is my DIY dragonfly yard art.  I hate wasting anything which I guess comes from growing up poor so it is fun to repurpose things.  My DIY yard art started life as a ceiling fan.


Dragonfly Supplies:

  • Old fan blades
  • Screen wire
  • Dozen wood screws
  • Spray paint


Start by cleaning the fan blades and deciding on the best colors.  I think purple and pink are beautiful colors for a dragonfly even if nature does not provide them in purple and pink.   Who cares, right.  I just want a cool dragonfly for the fence.  The fence is flat brown so the dragonfly will be a little pickup with a punch of color.  Beauty is different for everyone so the color palette is wide open.

I painted the four blades purple and let them dry overnight.  Next, I thought the pink would be nice for the burlap look center of the blades.  I spray the pink on and overlap it on the purple because I just like it.  After drying, I added a glitter spray paint near the center of the blades and at the ends of the blades.  It is difficult to see the glitter spray in the picture.

I create the body from a screen with one end larger than the other to allow for the head and tail.  You could use a solid center such as an old table leg.  You can find other dragonfly ideas here

I stick to a more natural look with the screen wire as my body.  Spray paint the body to match the wings or push the edge with different colors.  Purple and pink get my vote.

I use screws for the eyes and to attach the fan blades to my fence.    I’m happy with my creation and hope you try it too.

Select this link if you would like to see some of my rain chain.



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