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Manufactured Home Bathroom Final Touches (Part 3)

February 24, 2018
Completed Room

We want to put the final touches on the room and add accessories.  Kristen and I are happy the bathroom remodel is nearly complete.

Materials List for Final Touches:

White Gas Heater Vent

Gloss White Paint

Desired Baseboard Trim (Pre-primed)

Paint Brush

Desired Baseboard Paint

Quarter Round Oak Trim

Oak Stain

Fast Dry Polyurethane

Final Touches

First, we picked up a new heater vent since the other one was rusty and dirty.   We originally were going to clean, sand, and paint the old heater vent.   However, a new one would only set us back $10 and it looks great.  A great investment in a do it yourself and a great final touch.

Next, we chose some pre-primed trim and I painted it to get a nice gloss just using standard white paint.  It was a prefect choice because the trim pops against the bluish gray walls.  You can see the white trim baseboard  below in the photograph.

Another area which was in need of trim was the area below the oak sink.  Of course, we had to buy some oak quarter round to match the cabinet itself.  I stained the wood, sealed the wood, and installed the trim.  It turned out well, I think.

White Baseboard Trim and Oak Trim around the Vanity

Final Touches including White Baseboard Trim and Oak Trim around the Vanity

Kristen quickly installs  a beach sign, a couple of port-hole mirrors and she has a beach themed master bathroom.   You can see the beach sign and port holes mirrors in the completed picture below.  It is starting to shape up.

Completed Room

Completed Room with final touches

We only have one main problem left.  As you can see in the picture we installed a special caulk around the tub, toilet and the shower too.  We didn’t know about the magic caulk but talked to an employee at Home Depot who recommended Magic.  He had recommended installing the magic peel and stick caulk using a hairdryer.  As you can see from the picture it looked great when we installed it but it didn’t stay stuck so I would not recommend the caulk.  Use the old-fashioned caulk or trim which we will install soon.

Tub and Toilet Caulk

Tub and Toilet Caulk for Final Touches to the Master Bathroom.

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