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Furniture Leg Replacement How to With Awesome Results

November 29, 2016
Furniture Leg Replacement How to With Awesome Results

The leg just broke on my love seat with the back corner on the ground.  Obviously, I can not afford a new loveseat so the answer is to fix it if I can anyway.  My current legs are retro so I will look for replacement legs that have a retro look.

Before Furniture Leg Replacement

Before Furniture Leg Replacement


Furniture Leg Replacement Directions

Removing the old Legs

So, begins my furniture leg replacement how to and I’m hoping for awesome results.  Start by removing the old Legs.  Take one with you to the hardware store since you need to verify height measure and screw size.  Chose something somewhat similar like I did or something new and different.  You will want the new legs to be about the same height so your guests aren’t sitting on the ground or don’t get nosebleeds either.   I chose a nice retro leg which is a little shorter than the current legs and finally purchased four for the replacement.

Staining the Legs

In addition, my stain selection was Minwax PolyShades which is a stain and polyurethane in one product.  I chose an oak stain which matches the loveseat and was similar to the original stain.  Place the legs in styrofoam to hold them upright so they can be completely stained all at once.  I put the screw attachment into the styrofoam and it seems to work okay. Normally, I use large binder clips but couldn’t find any today.  The clips work extremely well for holding items upright while they are painted or stained.  Apply the number of stain coats which give you the darkness you desire.  I applied two coats of the golden oak stain which looks fine to me.

Furniture Leg Replacement How to With Awesome Results

Furniture Leg Replacement How to With Awesome Results

Place the new legs on the sofa.  I apply a floor protector with a nail to protect the floor on each leg which is going to work well.  With the help of my husband, we turn the love seat over and it looks awesome and wonderful!

I love a happy end, don’t you?  This is an extremely easy project while it offers a large reward and saves more than a few bucks.  Please leave us a message regarding furniture repair or another topic.  Thanks in advance.


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