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How to Gold Leaf for an Amazing Look

October 1, 2016
How to Gold Leaf

A frugal gold leaf project can be accomplished as a “do-it-yourself” and result in a finished amazing look. Imitation gold leaf adds character on a budget and makes a project look very rich and really pop.

Directions for an Amazing Gold Leaf

Materials Needed:

  1. Gold leaf adhesive
  2. Gold leaf sheets (use imitation gold to keep costs down)
  3. Regular small craft brush

The project is extremely easy to do yourself.  Another big advantage is few products are required to complete the project.  Using imitation gold really keeps the beauty up and the costs down too.  I used the imitation gold on two projects and both have turned out extremely well.

Below is a link to a kit, which includes all items needed for the entire project:

Step 1:  Apply the adhesive where the gold accents are desired on the project.  I put the adhesive on only where I want the accents while you can put the adhesive on the entire object for complete gold coverage on your project.

Step 2:  Wait for the adhesive to become tacky to the touch.  The adhesive I used took about 15-25 minutes and it varies from product to product, so check your bottle directions.

Step 3:  Generously apply the gold leaf sheet to the tacky adhesive.   Use the brush to push the gold into the nooks and crannies.   The gold leaf will adhere and make a beautiful application of gold.

Step 4:  Use the sealer for your “do-it-yourself” project.

Consequently, this “do-it-yourself” project was frugally priced at under $20 and was completed in just under two hours. The newly completed half-door is hanging on my patio. It now has everything, including beauty and furthermore, a lot of character.  In conclusion, the project is enjoyable and an extremely easy craft.



Have you completed any “do-it-yourself” gold leafed projects? Please tell me about your experiences.


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