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How to Make DIY Cheap Christmas Trees for Your Yard

December 1, 2016
How to Make DIY Cheap Christmas Trees for Your Yard

Making a cheap DIY Christmas trees is easy as pie when you have old boards to repurpose already.  Actually, easier than pie and anyone can do it if you have some old boards, paint, screws, and a saw.  I love how they turned out.  Simple and just perfect for the front yard.

I had a bunch of old fence boards left from my fence replacement.  You’ll hear more about the fence replacement later.  I can tell you how to build a fence that will last a good long time.

Directions for the DIY Cheap Christmas Trees for Your Yard

Materials Needed for a DIY Cheap Christmas Trees for Your Yard

  1. Old boards
  2. Paint (I chose green, but any color you like will do)
  3. Highlight paint (if you want balls or snowflakes)
  4. Screws (I used desk screens since they won’t rust)
  5. Saw (I used a circular battery operated saw)
To make the DIY Christmas tree, I lined the boards in a horizontal fashion with the smallest on the top and the next larger below.  I continue in this fashion until I have 5 boards but you could have as many as you like to get the height you wish.
Using a straight edge or square, draw your Christmas tree on the boards.  I started at the top and drew down each side of the tree so it didn’t get lopsided.
Cut the boards off creating the tree branches.  Place a vertical board up the middle so the other board (tree branches) can be screwed to the vertical support.  I normally use 2 screws on each board to keep the tree branch boards stable on the vertical support.
Cut an angle on the bottom of the vertical support board, so the tree can be placed in the ground.
Paint your tree and put any decorations you wish on the tree boards.  I rough brushed on green and then used a silver marker pen to do the balls.  On the other tree, I used gold glitter puff paint for the snowflakes.
Seal your trees if you plan to use them for multiple seasons.
Have fun and enjoy the project because it is almost Christmas.  We would love to hear from you.  Take care.

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