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Manufactured Home Bathroom Remodel Starting with Paint (Part 1)

January 30, 2018
DIY Paint On Vinyl Walls

Kristen wanted to remodel her master bathroom.  She lives in a manufactured home from the 90’s with some yucky vinyl wall board.   She is ready for some one color walls in her bathroom and a few more updates including the floor later.

Original Vinyl Above Shower

Original Vinyl Above Shower

Clean the Walls

We want the  walls extremely clean so the paint will adhere well.  The first cleaning is a  small amount of  Dawn dish washing  liquid in plain water.   I added a squirt of soap to a bucket of about a gallon of water.  We use a sponge to clean with to keep the area dry since Kristen is blessed with carpet in her bedroom.  No, she doesn’t like it at all but things have to be done as we can afford them.  I don’t understand carpet in a bathroom but at least your feet don’t get cold going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The second wall washing is plain water.  Again, we use a sponge to rinse the wall.

More Preparation

We both had used tape for trim in the past but had less than perfect results.  We bought the best paint brushes which allowed up to cut in next to trim.  A quality paint brush is well worth the money.  We found a 2 inch sash brush for cutting in around the trim.

We select a roller cover with a 3/8″ nap and cleaned the cover with masking tape prior to use to remove any fuzz or lint.  You can wash the roller cover to get the fuzz off too.

The ceiling is white and in good shape so it will not painted now.  Kristen picked a paint with primer for the walls. The color of the wall is Glidden medici-grey.  I know you can purchase it a Walmart  and I believe Home Depot too.   I absolutely love the color and it went on like a dream so I recommend Glidden paint for sure but I love Behr too.  We are going to paint two coats on the walls to ensure good coverage.  The results are spectacular!

Paint Above Vanity

Paint Above Vanity

Paint Above Entry Door

Paint Above Entry Door

Paint Above Tub

Paint Above Tub.  The color on the left is the actual blue paint color.

Next up is vinyl flooring installation for you.  Keep watching.


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