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Manufactured Home Bathroom Remodel Installing Laminate Flooring (Part 2)

February 23, 2018
Laminate Flooring Install in the Master Bedroom

We are clearing out the carpet and removing the carpet pad on the floor in the master bathroom in preparation for the waterproof laminate flooring.   We rip out the carpet by cutting the carpet into a couple of pieces using a box cutter so we can carry the carpet outside to the trash.   Next, we rip out the pad using the box cutter too.  Then we pull out the tack strips and discover there is more linoleum under the carpet pad too.  Next, we rip out the entire linoleum and sweep and clean up all the mess.  That really was a lot of mess after we ripped up all the flooring.


Tearing Out The Vinyl

Tearing Out The Vinyl


Sweeping up the Floor

Sweeping up the Floor prior to the Laminate Flooring Install

Next, we paint Dry Lock on the floor for when water gets on the floor from the grandson taking his big boy bath.  Michael loves the big tub and he really enjoys splashing around in it.

We found Our Material at our local Home Depot (Not an affiliate link).    Kristen chose this laminate flooring because of the laminate being waterproof and the ease of install claimed by LifeProof.  The laminate has the sub-flooring attached to the bottom of the laminate so it should be very easy to install.

After Painting With Dry Lock

After Painting With Dry Lock

Equipment Needed for Laminate Flooring Install:

Your Choice of Laminate Snap Flooring

Rubber Hammer or mallet

Wood Block

Pen for Scoring the Laminate

Box Cutter and/or Jig Saw



Measuring Tool

Tile Spacers

Laminate Flooring Installation

The laminate does not need to be acclimatized so it can be installed as soon as you buy it.  When you install the laminate,  you must start in one corner and keep going in the same direction so the laminate can continued to be snapped into place.  You should mix the colors and patterns from your boxes so you get the floor variants in the color variants you like most.  The laminate comes in narrow, medium, and large to give the variety in the floor.  The snap in laminate boards are bound to each other and to the floor with the baseboard.  It takes a while to get used to getting the snap in correctly on the laminate.  One thing that helps me is getting two pieces of the laminate into the groove channel and then snapping it in using a rubber hammer.  If you have a difficult getting the snap into the channel then use the wood block to hammer the floor plank into the other plank until you get the snap.  You can watch a video from Home Depot at Home Depot Presents and a gent with some helpful hints here too.   Mike Kupper Tips

Starting the laminate Install

Analyzing which laminate boards to use together for the install.

The directions recommend measuring twice, marking, scoring the laminate with the box cutter, and lastly snapping the laminate.  I found my snapping capability wasn’t working well because my box cutter was dull so I got my jig saw out and started using it.  Sometimes my cuts are not very straight which is okay because my baseboard trim will cover my mistakes.  The tile spacers keep a space between the edge of the laminate and floor for the laminate to expand and contract.

Cutting the Laminate

Cutting the Laminate Flooring

If you missed the first part of the remodel you can find it here Manufactured Home Bathroom Remodel Starting with Paint (Part 1)   I will be posting a last post in the series soon with some of the special touches.



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