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How to Make a Cool Frugal Mosaic Gazing Ball From a Bowling Ball

October 1, 2016
How to Make a Cool Frugal Mosaic Gazing Ball from a Bowling Ball

A cheap bowling ball is all you need to create a frugal do-it-yourself mosaic gazing ball. Words such as “frugal” and “easy” describe this do-it-yourself project, however, it is also pretty time-consuming.  Transforming bowling bowls into gazing balls is a popular tutorial on the web.  Bowling balls are found at thrift stores, however, I was able to buy mine from a garage sale.

Directions From Bowling Ball to Mosaic Gazing Ball:

You can buy glass beads at a discount store.  Adhere the beads to the bowling ball with thin set mortar.  The thin set mortar will need to dry on each section before moving to the next section, which will take several days. The beading step will take longer, as you may wish to place photos below the clear beads (for interest) with regular glue.
Plug the holes with newspaper and then place a large bead with a layer of thin set mortar over the hole.  The key to a beautiful, interesting ball is color and variety of the type of beads used.  My ball has giant diamond beads which stick out randomly and provide more interest.
Once the thin set mortar dries, the beads can be grouted to the ball.  Grout the beads to the ball using sanded grout.  Use a large sponge with water to clean the ball after completing the grouting.  The ball will need to be rotated 360 degrees so the grouting can dry and the project can be completed.
Cool Frugal Mosaic Gazing Ball Close Up

Cool frugal mosaic gazing ball close-up

A milky residue may still be on the ball. Clean the ball again using fresh water and a large sponge for the final clean up. Ensure the gazing ball has dried completely.  The last step is to seal the ball with an all-weather sealer.

In conclusion, my bowling ball gazing ball is frugal and fun.  It is an enchanting piece of garden art for any yard or garden.

Do you like do-it-yourself garden art? What other items could you attach to a bowling ball for garden art?  Please let me know in the comments area.



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