Where in the World is One of the Best Zoos? – Santa Barbara Zoo on the Central Coast of California

September 29, 2016
Where in the World is one of the best Zoos - Santa Barbara Zoo on the Central Coast of California

Hello there!  Kristen and I are starting with our very first blog post today. We would like to welcome you and are trying to get our blog off on the right foot, with your help.

We have been going to the zoo since the children were small.  Everyone enjoys the zoo and always wants to return, and because it is frugal, we can afford to return often.  It makes a wonderful day for adults, seniors, and especially children.  I hope you find our posts interesting and come back soon to visit us.  Thank you so much.

Worth the Drive Santa Barbara Zoo on the Central Coast of California

Worth the Drive Santa Barbara Zoo on the Central Coast of California

Fun on the central coast is relevant for the Santa Barbara Zoo because it combines excitement, fun, and frugality.  Santa Barbara is a beautiful city nestled on the Pacific Ocean.  In addition, Santa Barbara backs up to the Santa Ynez mountain range.  If you are looking for a place to enjoy a day of family fun while in Santa Barbara – you have found it at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Hence, they have wonderful animals, beautiful plants, and lots of places for kiddie play.

Animals at Santa Barbara Zoo

Happiness abounds due to the fact that our favorite animal is the silverback gorilla.  They have two, maybe three but I was only able to catch one from my vantage point… and he was a looker!  The big guy was moving around a lot so I only have his (I’m assuming here) pictures.




Flowers at the Santa Barbara Zoo

Of course the flowers are nice there, too.  I love them almost as much as the animals.


Beautiful fuchsia flower




Orange plume flower

The elephants and the giraffes are most noteworthy, too.  Gemina, the world famous giraffe, was especially relevant at the zoo because of her crooked neck deformation.  She died in 2008 due to her elderly age of 21.  While, Gemina has passed on, her neck and head skeleton are on display at the zoo now. More giraffes have been added and born at the zoo since Gemina’s death.

Asian Elephant

Asian elephant





Tower of Giraffe

Tower of Giraffe

Giraffes are born standing up, so they are probably alert from that moment!

Don’t forget to see the rather quiet lion.



Birds are an interesting group, too.  Of all the birds, I rather like the penguins.





White parrot


Pink Bird

Pink bird

How about either seeing a turtle or a goldfish?




I could not bypass the gift shop while my grandson was with me!


Daniel Boone hat

Furthermore, Santa Barbara Zoo is worth the drive.  If you happen to be in the area on business or vacation – we highly recommend it.   The zoo has about 600 animals and as much as 160 species.  The cost for entry varies from $10-$17, plus an additional $7 if you wish to park in their lot.  Most noteworthy, Santa Barbara Zoo will not break the bank; plus you and your children will have a great time.

Would you go to the zoo while in Santa Barbara?  Please leave us a comment therefore letting us know your opinion.





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