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How To Make A Beautiful Faux Stained Glass French Door

November 4, 2016
How To Make A Beautiful Faux Stained Glass French Door

Kristen’s plain glass french door is in need of a transformation since she desires a beautiful faux stained glass french door. This project is frugal, while being fun. The door, located between the family room and office, does not allow much privacy for work.

Gallery Glass gives the look of stained glass, but it can be peeled off the door at anytime.   Gallery Glass has provided me a beautiful faux stained glass on my two patio doors which I have completed.

Faux Stained Glass Directions

Materials need for Faux Stained Glass French Door

  1. Gallery Glass-Crystal Clear
  2. French door (Or any window project)

First, use alcohol and paper towels to clean the glass.  Dirt caught in the faux stained glass would not look very good.

Gallery Glass is a very easy product to use after a little practice.  I use circles with the tip on the glass.  Removal of the wood panels partition between the glass “panes” made the project a little easier, as I could then lay the glass directly on the floor.  If the glass is standing, there is a potential for the Gallery Glass to run.  Keep paper or an old towel under the bottom of the glass so the edges of the glass can have the product applied, too.

Allow the door glass to dry completely after application of the Gallery Glass.  I like to let the project dry overnight to ensure it dries completely.

The link below will take you to another door project using Gallery Glass and dollar store beads:

How to make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door on Wheels

Assemble the door, putting the wood panels partition back in place.  Complete the second door as suggested in the last few paragraphs or do both glass doors at the same time.  I love the way the door resembles real stained glass at a fraction of the cost, and is reversible at any time to its original clear finish.

How To Make A Beautiful Faux Stained Glass French Door

How To Make A Beautiful Faux Stained Glass French Door

Frugally minded crafters enjoy Gallery Glass because of the quality look and the ease of use.  I hope you like the look of Gallery Glass enough that you give it a try, too.  Let us know if you have used Gallery Glass or similar products on any of your projects please.


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