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How to Make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door on Wheels

November 4, 2016
How to make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door

Hello everyone.  I hope your day is going fine, wherever you are.  I have looked for a movable door for my patio door openings for a while and decided I just need to make one myself… so here it is for you!  Please ask if you have any questions on the project.

I’m creating a mosaic door from a single french door using dollar store glass beads and Gallery Glass, which creates a faux stained glass effect.  This is an outside door which I will roll around for use between one of two door opening on my patio.  Two walls of the house make up two sides of the patio.  Barn doors make up the third side of the patio and the fourth side is a large glass garage door.

Furthermore, I will post on the large barn doors soon for you.

Directions for How to Make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door on Wheels

Materials needed for a Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Door

  1. An old french door, with glass panels still in place
  2. Gallery Glass – Crystal Clear (I got mine from Jo Ann’s)
  3. Various colored glass beads from the dollar or craft store
  4. Pattern for the items or just your creativity
  5. E6000 or similar glue
  6. Alcohol
  7. Paper towels

First of all, use alcohol and paper towel to clean the glass.  Glass with dirt caught in the faux stained glass finish does not make for a gorgeous project.  I speak from experience, when I was testing the Gallery Glass.

Originally, I did mosaic on the bottom two panels of the single french door. The door will allow little light to pass if completed entirely in mosaic with grout.  So, I chose to stop the mosaic after the bottom two panes.  The rest of the door will be beads and Gallery Glass.

Applying Faux Stained Glass - Gallery Glass

Applying faux stained glass – Gallery Glass

Use a glue such as E6000 to glue the beads to the glass in any fashion you wish.  I am making a smiley face in addition to other iconic items just for fun. I find that removal of the wood panel partitions helps with the project because it allows the Gallery Glass and beads be applied more consistently.  Finally, apply the Gallery Glass and beads with the door horizontal due to potential of runs in the Gallery Glass and beads falling off.

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Gallery Glass is an easy product to use after a little practice.  You can practice on a piece of glass and then gently peel it off after it dries.   I make small circles with the tip of the applicator on the glass. The areas with a thin coat will dry first so try to be as consistent as possible when applying it.  Finally, let everything dry overnight.

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Directions for adding the rollers to a door

Materials needed for a roller door

  1. 2×4 8 foot board, cut in half
  2. Paint
  3. Wood screws
  4. Rollers, 3 inches with locks

Purchase an 8 foot, 2×4 board so it can be cut into two sections of 4 foot lengths.  Attach one board to one side while the other board is attached to the opposite side of the door, as shown in the photo.

Purchase four brackets, which will attach the wood to the door.  Ensure the brackets on both ends of the door are offset in the attachment to the door to avoid the screws from hitting each other.

In addition, four rollers with locks will be needed to attach to the far ends of the board.  The locks will make the door immovable when placed in the opening.

In conclusion, finish the boards by painting them and the door is complete.

How to Add Rollers to a Door

How to add rollers to a door

Do you like the Gallery Glass effect or would you rather have done something else to the door?  Please leave us your thoughts.  Thank you


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