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How to Make a Succulent Flower Bed and See What Happened to My Handmade Indian

October 19, 2016
How to Make a Succulent Flower Bed and see what happened to my Handmade Indian

I have started my succulent do-it-yourself flower bed and in addition with a concrete Indian head.  The grassy area of my backyard is being removed due to the severe drought California is experiencing now.  The reason for the pet fence around the succulents without an animal in sight?  I am trying to protect the succulents and my dog at the same time.  My dog is on the outside of the succulent bed.

Succulents Inside the Dog Fence

Succulents inside the pet fence

Trouble in the Garden

First of all, my pug Bandit loves to eat the succulents to the point of becoming ill.  I try to teach Bandit not to eat the succulents but pugs are very stubborn… so the succulents may stay inside the fence for a while.



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