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DIY Side Yard Landscape with a River

October 24, 2017
Side Yard Landscape with a River

I decided to landscape my side yard with a dry river because I love the country.  Our area has been extremely dry the last five to seven years but we finally got some rain this year.  Most people are abandoning their thirsty yards and installing rocks, bark, and succulents.  The side yard has always been an awkward area so river rocks were installed and basically forgotten.  I’m sure you know the story.  The next thing I know it is covered with weeds and very ugly.

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DIY Garden

How to Get an Awesome Wet Look Rock Garden

November 5, 2016
How to get an Awesome Wet Rock Look Garden

I love a rock garden with wet look rocks. The glossy look is so pretty and much more inviting than dusty old rocks.  I placed the rocks under the bow windows about five years ago.  The rocks were buried by dirt over the years.  I wanted non-plant material under the bow windows so we wouldn’t have to have grass there that needed watering.  The problem was that the sprinklers would get the bow windows wet and they were becoming damaged by the water.  So, my solution was to remove the grass with the dirty rocks and install a rock garden, so we would not need sprinklers there.

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