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How to Make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door on Wheels

November 4, 2016
How to make a Beautiful Frugal Stained Glass Mosaic Door

Hello everyone.  I hope your day is going fine, wherever you are.  I have looked for a movable door for my patio door openings for a while and decided I just need to make one myself… so here it is for you!  Please ask if you have any questions on the project.

I’m creating a mosaic door from a single french door using dollar store glass beads and Gallery Glass, which creates a faux stained glass effect.  This is an outside door which I will roll around for use between one of two door opening on my patio.  Two walls of the house make up two sides of the patio.  Barn doors make up the third side of the patio and the fourth side is a large glass garage door.

Furthermore, I will post on the large barn doors soon for you.

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