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Sew a Warm Beautiful Robe for a Young Man

December 5, 2016
Sew a Warm Beautiful Robe for a Young Man

I set out to sew a warm beautiful robe for a young man.  The young man just happens to be my wonderful grandson, Michael.

My wish is to sew something that he could enjoy on Christmas morning and hopefully a lot of cool mornings after Christmas.  Sometimes it is hard to make something that a child enjoys but Michael is an easy child.  He loves almost everything but its hard to keep his clothes on him at this stage of his young life.


Directions for Sewing a Warm Beautiful Robe for a Young Man

Materials Needed:

  • Pattern (See link below for the free pattern and tutorial)
  • Fabric (Check the pattern for the yardage needed)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine

I looked in my stash and found the beautiful material below which I think is great for a robe.

Warm Beautiful Robe Fabrice

Warm Beautiful Robe Fabric

The fabric is broadcloth so it may have to be ironed or fluffed in the dryer to make sure the wrinkles are smoothed out.  The really positive of the fabric is that it will wash well.  Stains should wash out well which is needed with my active grandson too.  The fabric is warm too since the weave is tight.

Let’s get started….

Head over to “Melly Sews” here

Melly Sews Robe Tutorial

You will need to sign up for her website to get the free pattern.  Signing up is an excellent idea anyway since she has both great patterns and tutorials.  I am sure that you will want to sew more clothes for your children and grandchildren when you see her site.  I love it!

The great thing about “Melly Sews” is she has beginning sewing instructions too.  She has posted such posts as threading a machine or learning parts of your machine.  Her excellent tutorials and patterns are for adults and children alike with many being free.  You can also buy patterns on her Blank Slate Patterns at her website.  A great resource for anyone who loves to sew or wants to learn to sew.

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