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How to for the First Time Wine Cork a Mailbox Roof

November 29, 2016
How to Cork a Mailbox or Anything Else

My mailbox is a little house which I painted long ago to match the colors of my real house.  It has a wood shingled roof which has failed when the wood started falling off slowly.  I decided to wine cork the roof with the many wine corks which I have for crafting projects.

Left side of Corked Mailbox Roof

Left side of Corked Mailbox Roof

Directions and Challenges with a Wine Cork Roof

The mailbox originally had a wood shingle shake roof before I decided to wine cork the mailbox roof.  I have not tried to do a cork project which resides outside like a mailbox or with varied angles in the past.  The roof angles were to give me a very real challenge.

I attempted to use E6000 glue to adhere the corks to the angled roof.  The corks immediately started falling to the ground before they were able to adhere to the roof.    I tried to nail a board below the cork line to hold the corks in place.  The board didn’t work since the corks were glued both horizontally and vertically.

My husband suggested a stapler at first but the staples were not long enough to go through the cork and into the wood roof.  Finally, he thought a brad nailer was worth a try and I agreed so I gave it a shot.


Brad Nail Gun

Brad Nail Gun

The brad nailer is the exact perfect tool for the job.  My husband bought it as part of a set of tools with a bag.  I couldn’t recommend it more because it does not jam!  It is battery operated and generates air within itself to inject 5/8″ to 2″ brads with outstanding results.

I like the blue, yellow, and green corks which are actually rubber corks. In addition, I still need to repaint the entire mailbox but this will be a project for later on down the road.

Do you like the idea of using cork on a mailbox?  I love putting wine corks on almost anything.  Please leave us a comment below.  Thank you


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