Wishes are the First Step to Success

July 12, 2017

I thoroughly believe wishes are the first step to success. According to Wikipedia, “”If wishes were horses, beggars would ride” is an English language proverb and nursery rhyme, first recorded about 1628 in a collection of Scottish proverbs, which suggests if wishing could make things happen, then even the most destitute people would have everything they wanted.” If as Wikipedia puts it if destitute or poor people as I prefer to say don’t have wishes then they have nothing. If you have nothing not even wishes then you have zero motivation.

Wishes motivate people to dream and to want success. It has happened for ages and ages. Wars and takeovers happened because even in the era of Genghis Khan a desire for happiness, power, religious freedom, and more importantly survival.

My Wishes

You ask me why would you know anything about wishes and success?  Well, been there don’t that would be my answer.  My first memories were being on the farm in the mid west.  The farmhouse wasn’t modern meaning we had an outhouse and no running water in the house. I remember laying in bed being hungry and wishing I had something to eat.  It was motivation to work hard and always be able to have food.

I wished for a better house.  One which wasn’t open to snakes getting into the inner wall and onto my bed.  Yes, a rattler got in one night and was on my bed.  I kicked it off and I heard it land on the floor.  Then I was stuck to my bed until light to make sure I wasn’t going to get bit.

I wished for everything when I was a kid to get me in a better place.  Then I used the wishing to start setting goals for myself.  I started working and starting making my wishes into success.  When I was 17, I joined the Navy and it was the start of my life wishes and goals coming true.

Work led to money, money then led me to my next goal of going to school.  The first degree led me to a better job and another phase of school.  My wishes were met and my goals were met but first there were the wishes.

Enough said.

Tell me about your wishes.  How have you used them for success?

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